there is something to be said about the peace of early mornings.
that incredible stillness that you can never replicate, no matter how hard you try.
where i live, stillness is a very rare thing to come across. this could just be because i’ve been a forever night owl, so early mornings & i rarely cross paths (at least willingly!)
we live nestled on a very busy street corner, so by 8am there are commuters getting on an array of public transportation, people rushing madly to get their coffee fix & a general busyness that doesn’t die down until the bars & pubs close in the early hours of the next morning.

somehow, this past week i’ve been waking at or before 7am.
i find myself wandering around our neighbourhood with my love & the pup & i can’t wrap my head around the intense beauty that is found in this magical hour.
it’s like we’ve been transported to a tiny country town.
no loud noises.
no people rushing.

just the silence, the rising sun & the cool morning air.



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