lazy sunday

it’s been a really busy week, we’ve got a houseguest for the weekend & I’m struggling to keep some sort of a cold at bay, but I managed to dress myself (seriously…it was struggle-town!) & wander down to a friends cafe to catchup with a couple of girlfriends.
i went to school with these girls up in Queensland, & even though we live so close (especially at the moment – we’re all within 10 minutes of one another!) we’ve hardly managed a proper catchup in months!
we spent a couple of hours drinking delicious coffee (thanks Umbi!) & filling each other in on all the happenings in our lives.
It’s one of those beautiful things when you’ve known someone for so long that you just continue where you left off the last time you met.
we’ve planned a pizza party for this coming Friday, in an effort to not let as much time creep in between catchups!
After we said our farewells, Sharon decided that she needed to document my outfit…where she came to the conclusion that I’m totally useless at posing!
I mean…
taking directions is not something im very good at, & my brain was just not computing today! 😉
She was trying to get a picture of my hair, but they just failed miserably! 😉 so here’s one I prepared earlier…
I wish I could say this was the easiest hairstyle I’ve ever done, but it was my first attempt, so I think half a packet of bobby pins (& half an hour) wasn’t too bad an effort!

Outfit details:
gingham dress – thrifted / vintage coat – thrifted / scarf – super old, David Jones I think / lv vintage bag – thrifted / fingerless sleeves – gift from boss / shoes – Santini

thanks to Sharon for the photos & Kelly for the lovely catchup


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