pieces of the puzzle

I just have to write down this feeling before it passes.
things are coming together.
they’re falling into place.

in the waiting room at the naturopaths today I noticed a 500 piece puzzle lasted out sporadically next to me.
I started messing around & before I knew it, 3 pieces had clicked into place.
I could feel the receptionist staring at me & she piped up with “that’s a pretty good effort from upside down…”
I grinned, stood up & continued messing around with the pieces – 3/4 of which were part of a blue sky (?!!)
I managed to piece together 5 more puzzle pieces in the next few minutes before the naturopath was ready to see me.
it’s been more than a decade since I’ve attempted a puzzle, so I was pretty impressed with my efforts.

I had my appointment & was honest with every answer I gave. I’ve been given a list of things to try (tablets, diet adjustments & the like), but he says it’s all totally fixable.
I’m totally fixable.
in the middle of talking about Mike & our life he says, “he adores you. You know that right? He absolutely thinks the world of you”
I had to do everything in my power to not burst into happy tears. I’m sure I turned pink, or even red. It was just so beautiful & such a random thing to say.

I bought myself flowers on the way home & felt a spring in my step.

the pieces of the puzzle are all falling into place & I couldn’t be more excited!


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