other pretty things

let me start the list off with these pens!

oh my goodness – it’s like a dream come true! i’ve been going through a pen a week at my current rate of writing (which is not a good thing, considering i’ve been stealing Mikey’s “fancy” expensive pens! heehee) so a pen that will allow 1.5 metres of writing a day for the next 7 years..? it’s a total no brainer!

i am a bit of a journal junkie, but this beautiful leather journal from inblue handmade takes the cake! it took me forever just to narrow down which one i liked the most, but i can never go past stacks of vintage suitcases (yet another weakness)!

just look at this gorgeous vintage dress

those colours! and the roses! ahhh! it’s just too perfect ❤
(and seriously, how could i not add a dress into my list! it’s kind of a no brainer 😉

now i’m not sure which tights i want more

these ones

or these
i’m almost certain i would get more wear out of the fuchsia/violet ones, but i’m crushing on all shades of sunset at the moment!

and while we’re on the topic of ombré…

Mermaid hair!!! so in love
This is actually my dream hair, though I’m not sure I have the balls to go through with it. Maybe one day…

this stunning book by Megan Morton
the cover alone won me over, but it’s filled with so many beautiful images.

Eeeeeeep!! Tis the (very short) season for my favourite beauties
Am trying to figure out how many bunches of these babies I can grab before I’m totally broke! Hahaha

What pretty things have been catching your eye lately?



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