ballet gala date night

Ballet date nights have become one of our favourite outings this year & the Opening Night of the Australian Ballets 50th Anniversary Gala did not disappoint!
I’m almost certain i’ve been raving about it all week long, but i’ve put off posting this because I wanted to share the link to the performance we saw (as one of the nights was filmed for the ABC – we watched it again last night! Incredible!!) The performers from the Stuttgart Ballet blew my mind! they were so great in both their performances that i just can’t get my head around it! The fact that one their performances was contemporary is even more mind blowing (i’m usually not a fan…at all)

Why Ballet you ask? let me share our little “backstory”…

Growing up, i was a ballerina. i started local classes with my friends at the age of 4 & continued into my teens. i lived & breathed ballet! Practice was constant as was the structure & discipline, & i even found myself researching my favourite ballerinas in my spare time. My Mama was a dancer (she even started her own dance school when she was 18 years old!!) needless to say, she was my role model & hero!
while it was everything i had ever wanted, i loved the other aspects of my life too. i was a typical athletic teenager who loved socialising & running amuck. i was given the opportunity to go to a Ballet School but i found the decision too big to make at that stage of my life…so i gave it all up…

i still have all of my dance costumes, along with the photos and videos of all the performances over the years. oh, & my gold charm bracelet from when i was 9 years old filled with little ballet-type charms!

Fast forward to meeting Mike ❤
Our first proper “date” was watching the Australian Ballet in Brisbane, so (9 years later!) we decided that we needed some more ballet in our lives 😉
While researching the performances the Australian Ballet had for the 2012 season we saw that they had a season pass – a package to go to all 5 of their performances in Melbourne for the year – so we booked.
it’s been one of the best investments we’ve made this year (& only cost around $33 per ticket!)
We’ve already booked our tickets for the 2013 season, so if you’re in anyway inclined (& in either Melbourne of Sydney) I definitely recommend it!
It’s the perfect excuse (if you need one!) to get gussied up, drink fancy champagne & get a little bit of culture in your life 😉
fancy champagne me
with my dapper date
(let’s pretend this isn’t the only decent photo i got of the 2 of us together hah!)
our course i used the opportunity to get an outfit photo in too
i’m wearing
vintage 60’s dress – thrifted / vintage patent leather bag – thrifted / heels – nine west

Like i said, i can’t stop raving about the performance! click here to watch the Australian Ballet’s 50th Anniversary
it won’t disappoint


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