happy December <3

happy December friends ❀
looking at my calendar i can already tell that this is going to be the craziest month yet (it always is, isn’t it!) so i thought i’d just pop by & say that i hope you’re all enjoying the holiday season.
i somehow forgot what retail in the month leading up to Christmas would entail…so wish me luck! (or call me silly – either way!)
i’m going to post a few sets of photos over the next week or two that i forgot about, so expect it to be photo heavy…and for me to actually have nice hair! πŸ˜‰
this is a pic from when i was in QLD visiting my family 6 months ago (also right after i got my hair done) and even though i look ghostly pale & my hair looks unbelievably yellow…i love this picture! hahaha πŸ˜‰
it’s ok – im not really that pale & my hair was never that scary looking! just blame it on the camera!
have a wonderful silly season & enjoy the madness that is December


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