2013 is here

day one of 365 project

hello 2013!
i had grand plans that my ‘first day of january post’ would be a mass recap of december and the madness that was the holiday season…but instead, our darling pup Kerouac decided to go missing for an hour.

i was a wreck. beyond a wreck.
i didn’t know what to do, & all i could think was “oh my god, i just took her collar off so she has no id on her!”
it was one of the most frightening things that has ever happened (hah – i could say this year, seeing as it’s only one day so far!) & i’m just so so thankful to the sweet family that found her, bought a lead so she wouldn’t run off & tried to locate us. we just happened to walk past them whilst frantically searching.
timing really is everything.

so thank you kind family – i am so very grateful.
thank you 2013 for not totally fraying my nerves πŸ˜‰

here’s to a new year full of endless possibilities & new beginnings
(and to a pup that doesn’t do a disappearing act again! the story of how she got onto the street to begin with is the most ridiculous tale ever. seriously! still in shock)

oh, and i’ve decided to participate in project 365 this year. i started one a few years ago, but i soon fell off track with it. instagram means that i usually end up taking a photo a day as it is anyway, so i figured i would combine all forms of media and see how i go! I also purchased a hardcover 365 journal, so i’m planning on printing out my photos & filling out little captions along the journey.
anyone else doing project 365? feel free to share your links in the comments below πŸ™‚

happy new year everybody
lots of love, health & happiness for the coming year

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