delayed december wrap-up

december has been an incredibly hectic month, with little time to reflect on the closing of 2012 or the planning & goal setting of 2013.
i’ve worked another crazy christmas in retail, had a gloriously full personal calendar, had my mama & step-dad visit (for christmas! hooray!), been taken on a surprise date to see BoyzIImen, focused on a healthy lifestyle & eating plan set up by my naturopath & finally taken my camera out of retirement to be as snap happy as possible!
oh, & did i mention my mama & i did some shopping? because we did. a lot!
my photos might also show that a lot of cocktails were consumed…which might be against my healthy eating plan, but can you blame me?!

i’m so thrilled that i’ve taken as many photos as i have on instagram. i’ve managed to capture so many random memories & its been wonderful to look back on all the moments i’ve captured.
here’s a wrap-up of my december, via instagram…
this one here was my last photo i took (on my iphone) from 2012.

i’ve been working away at my goals for 2013, & while i’ve already come up with quite a few (finally focusing on my business being right at the top!), my favourite so far is to host at least 12 dinner parties. it’s been the one that i’ve always mentioned in passing to Mike, so i thought it was about time that it was put into writing & action! this can also include lunches, brunches, waffle-parties (i’ve already planned this one! eeeeee!! so excited!), cocktail parties etc… anything that requires me playing host whilst serving food & drinks fits under this banner, so i’m pretty excited to get the ball rolling on this one!
i’ll be sure to share more of my goals, including my delayed 30 before 30 (eeep!), shop goals & the project 365 lifestyle photos i’ve already started.

i’m excited about 2013! it has so much potential & i have so many exciting things to share about this coming year! it’s a year of huge changes…i can’t wait!

anyone else have some goals or resolutions that have you excited? i’d love to hear about them!
bring it 2013


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