Day Four of project 365
seriously guys…it’s going to be 41 degrees today!
41 degrees!!! (and that’s celcius! 105 F!)
it stayed that way well into the night (9pm = still 40 degrees! ughhhh!!)
i hid at work in the air conditioning, which is why it seemed perfectly logical to drink a nice hot coffee in the middle of this disgusting day!
walking home was seriously unpleasant though!
hello heat stroke & totally losing my appetite!
dinner was a cheese platter with Gracie & Harry Potter Deathly Hallow (part 1) in 3D
i did get attacked by a moth which led to me feeling that 3D was a little too realistic (meaning – i screamed and threw my glasses whilst flapping my arms! hah!)
it’s still 36 degrees now…
i’m not a fan summer…

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