February Lists

Happy February!
It’s such an exciting month for us, & with just over 3 weeks till we jet off I really need to get focused!
What better way then with a to-do list!Now i do love lists, so i’ve put together 2 – my ideal to-do list & the ‘what’s really going to happen’ list…
To Do

    • apply for visa
    • find 40s dress for premiere
    • buy (or borrow!) a suitcase
    • organise dresses
    • move old washing machine to make space for new one
    • give pups a bath
    • make meals (save money!) instead of buying takeout
    • learn how to do victory rolls (or some other pretty 40s hairstyle)
    • check PO box
    • pay bills
    • book share car to pick Mikey up
    • wake up earlier to exercise


    • snooze my alarm to snuggle with pup for an extra half hour
    • spend hours watching YouTube hair tutorials
    • get sidetracked on etsy & end up falling in love with 50s prom dresses (Cinderella style!)
    • eat (& drink!) out every second night
    • go op-shopping & buy more dresses
    • start to organise said dresses only to have a one person fashion parade…all.night!
    • stare at washing machine for a few minutes before running myself a relaxing bath

As my lists show, I get sidetracked very easily! Got any tips on staying focused? I need all the help I can get!
Feel free to harass me (or send messages of encouragement!)
Gotta get this show on the road πŸ˜‰


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