life in photos & my night (in a nutshell)

i like taking photos
my phone & numerous cameras are proof of that
but unless they make it on to my instagram feed, the rest of my photos (iphone in particular) tend to disappear into some sort of a black hole!
to right this wrong, i’ve decided to use my life in photo posts to capture some of the more random pictures i take – along with my instagram & project 365 pics!
(lets face it – they probably disappear into a black hole for a reason, but anywaaaay…)
here’s a peek at the past couple of weeks via my iPhone
life in photos
Life in photos
want to hear my evening in a nutshell?
i’m high on caffeine, i just got a new (to me) dryer & washing machine delivered by some friends (who had to haul it up my steep stairs on this 37 degrees evening?!! Thanks Jules & Rhys!), i’ve been on a 2 hour late night walk (in said heat!), i just washed pup & Mikey is home tomorrow!!!!! ❀
best be off to bed – tomorrow’s going to be a big day! yay!
hope you all have a happy week

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