travel essentials

travel essentials
with two sleeps to go, we’ve officially reached crazy packing mode over here!
well…to be fair, Mike had his case packed yesterday, while i only just began today! (i was still hand washing vintage dresses this afternoon! eeeps!)
i still haven’t put anything into my suitcase, but i have everything in neat piles around it…that counts as packing, right?

i was trying to figure out what i needed for the plane, so i thought i’d play around with polyvore & come up with my travel essentials.

journals are a necessity for me, especially with 14 hours to fill! and i never travel without sudoku – i’m obsessed! the first thing i do when i get on the plane is flick through the travel magazine to make sure no one else has filled the games in! hahaha my iPhone doesn’t have much music on it at the moment…but it does have my sudoku app (see – obsessed!) & warm socks are also a must – every time i fly i manage to wake up mid flight with freezing toes!

the globetrotter suitcase is just there for fun – i’m sort of in love ❀

well i better get packing – my dresses won’t pack themselves (though i do wish they would!)


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