the chop

it’s been a while between haircuts for me. (well, not counting the time I strayed from my hairdresser late last year & had all the volume chopped out of my hair!!)
my hairdresser is in QLD & I love her – she’s all sorts of incredible! Unfortunately I hadn’t been able to visit for the past 10months (seriously!), but this past week saw me flying up north for a quick family visit…& the lovely Krysta managed to squeeze me in for a much needed cut & colour…
bye bye long hair…
and hello sassy blonde bob!
I’d been contemplating going the chop for quite a while now, but I usually back out or have someone talk me out of it! (Krysta even talked me out of it last year!) but my locks were in dire need of some attention & I was in need of a change…
It’s been years since I’ve had hair this length (or this blonde!) but I do love it
Now to just learn how to make it look as good as this everyday!
Thank you Krysta ❤

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