San Francisco Days <3

oh my ❀
where do i even begin…

i have a love affair with San Francisco.

it’s the city where Mike & i met,
the city i fell in love with while i was falling in love.
with it’s unbelievably steep hills & beautiful victorian homes,
the city by the bay completely stole my heart.

so i suppose it’s only fitting that four weeks ago we found ourselves back where it all began
on our 10 year anniversary
writing a brand new chapter…

on Tuesday March 5th…
we got married ❀

it was simple, beautiful & intimate
just the two of us in City Hall
there are just no words to describe it

thank you to Amy for graciously being both our witness & photographer
and to our families for not killing us when we told them the news πŸ˜‰
well, we did always say we would elope!
and San Francisco on our 10 year anniversary?? come on guys!

we’re so so happy & so excited
i love you husband πŸ˜‰

(photos by Amy)


4 thoughts on “San Francisco Days <3

  1. Congrats lovely! I’ve always said that I would elope too but my Mum is hoping that my love for designing invitations and general party planning will over power the whole eloping thing. But honestly – I would elope if I was heading to San Fran City Hall – so gorgeous! Oh ps – love your dress too!

  2. Congratulations! I would love to elope too {or at the very least keep the guest list to immediate family members only}, but somehow I don’t think that would be an option. Ah, well – it could be worse. I love your dress!!!!!! It suits you perfectly – you always look so put together πŸ™‚

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