Bay Bridge Lights & freezing nights

the day we got married they officially turned on the Bay Bridge Lights – a public art display created by Leo Villareal that will run for the next 2 years.
we’d had such a beautiful day & eaten the largest dinner imaginable, so we thought a leisurely after dinner stroll was in order.

the weather seemed to have other ideas.

the beautiful clear day we had been treated to had vanished (in Melbourne-esque speed mind you!) leaving in its place a cold, rainy night. We were determined though, so we grabbed a couple of umbrellas from our hotel & headed off into the night.
By the time we reached a somewhat decent vantage point, we were soaked.
wrestling with umbrellas in the wind as well as cameras in rain proved to be a tad tricky – as was managing to shoot the bridge in focus 😉
while we didn’t end up staying out for long, it was so lovely to soak up (literally guys!! so much rain! hah!) our last night in San Francisco.
(though once our photos started turning out like this we thought we better call it a night!)
goodnight crazy weathered San Francisco!
Thank you for treating us to such an incredible day


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