photo booth memories

i’ve always been obsessed with photo booths
such a simple machine that can bring so much joy in under 5 minutes (well, for me at least)
on our trip we were lucky enough to stay at both the Ace Hotel in Portland & in Palm Springs, which meant we had access to the photo booth in the lobby (making me a very happy lady)
Mike on the other hand…not so happy
im not sure why (why Mikey, why?!) but Mike does not like photo booths & their teeny little black & white photos

in the past 10 years i have managed to get him to pose with me three times!!
three times!
funnily enough, all three happened on overseas trips. Once at the Good Hotel in San Francisco, & the other 2 at the same 2 ace hotels on our last trip to the USA.

when you count those odds…it’s not looking good for me!

so this trip i decided to double that tally, dragging poor Mike to pose with me three times (once in Portland, twice in Palm Springs) in as many days.
this was the last one we took & i’m so in love with it
we generally have a knack of being caught completely off guard & pulling the worst faces (i’ll share the others later! haha), so to finally have a semi normal pic in our collection just makes me smile

this was from the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs, just as we were checking out of our hotel to drive back to LA.
it was the last day of our very wonderful holiday…

gosh i love these little photo strips!


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