country life dreaming

i can’t stop thinking about this place!

nestled just outside of my favourite country town, the Red Brick Barn is a two-story guesthouse that looks like it’s been standing for centuries, when it fact it’s just a few years old! the owners built it using reclaimed bricks – in fact, everything in the Barn is second hand! it’s like a vintage dream!

i can imagine myself waking up to that gorgeous sunlight

sitting down here with hot cup of coffee

maybe being brave enough to use the outdoor shower/tub
(probably not in winter though…)

having an afternoon nap here (or just owning that quilt!!)

preparing delicious hearty meals

& i just want this to be my bathroom…please!

just imagine being surrounded by this beauty everyday?!

i’m in “i-want-to-live-in-a-barn-in-the-country” mode (again…hahaha yes yes, this happens often! just ask poor Mike!), but after seeing this place, do you blame me?
pretty sure i need a trip out to Chewton to stay here

all images from Red Brick Barn


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