do you know the way to San Jose

yes – we were those tourists, humming this song on the flight over
we did take up a few rows on the plane so i think we got away with it! 😉

San Jose was surreal.
Not only did we have the film premiere at the Cinequest Film Festival, but the Sparks comic book launched the night we arrived, as well as other press lunches & interviews that had to be done. Mike was run off his feet!

i was able to meet everyone i’d heard so very much about – it was lovely to finally put faces to names! Some friends traveled to be there the night of the premiere which meant so much to us! (thank you so much Amy!) the support was incredible!

With so much happening all at once i forgot to take as many photos as i would have liked, but here’s day one of San Jose…
using wifi to instagram photos from the air
room with a view
the beautiful California Theatre – our venue for the premiere!
the cherry blossoms were in bloom
it was such a beautiful day but before we knew it, it was time for the comic book launch
William Katt & Clancy Brown
(& me hiding in the far corner on my phone!)
Chase Williamson & Chris Folino
Mike was busy updating all the Sparks social media sites
this guy brought his own swords to recreate a battle scene with Clancy Brown
…it was crazy
so was this…
the comic book crew

by the time we packed up at the comic book store & found a place to have dinner we were wrecked!
bed time couldn’t come quickly enough…


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