Hunters and Collectors

Hunters & Collectors played their final show at the Palais on Saturday night and Mike managed to score us front row seats!! ♥
We decided to make a night of it, heading first to the Dogs Bar for their ‘starving artists’ dinner special!
Every nifht from 5-7pm the Dogs Bar has three meal choices – pasta, risotto & a vegetarian option, plus a glass of house wine or beer for $15! Starving Artists indeed! ♥
we sat outside under the heater and reminisced about our fave dinner spot in San Fran that has the same cosy outward facing seating ♥ love!
The gig was sold out and the Palais was already filled with people, so we milled around, grabbed another wine (or two!) and Mike bought some merch.
The Palais is such a grand old theatre – so much history and so many little details fill every inch of this building.
when we got to our seats we were a little excited. ok, i lie…ridiculously excited!!
(excuse the grainy photo…but just so excited!!♥)
it was the first time I had ever seen Hunters & Collectors in concert – I’ve seen Mark Seymour quite a few times and good old Jack Howard was the man who saved Kerouac when she escaped last New Year’s Day (Thanks Jack!)
they were electric!
We were on our feet singing and bopping away the entire time! Everyone was!
it was pure magic ♥
i was sitting right next to the speakers so i could definitely hear every last sound that was blaring out to us all (my ears were also ringing for the next few days too!)
i’m secretly hoping this wasn’t their last ever show because they are just too good live! If you haven’t seen them you simply must! Their songs are like anthems (well, Holy Grail is most definitely an anthem!) if you haven’t heard of them, look them up! Aussie rock at its best!

Farewell Hunnas!!
you fucking rock!


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