Dumbo feather Christmas Fete

We stopped by the Dumbo Feather Christmas Fete this Saturday, which was held at the gorgeous ground of the White House in St Kilda.
They had transformed the yard into the cutest little setup of market stalls – including flowers by Cecelia Fox (which is how I found out about the fete in the first place!), where I managed to pick up the sweetest smelling roses I’ve ever come across!!
They were just divine β™₯
The Allpress coffee was just spot on (as always!) and I desperately wanted to steal the Dumbo Feather airstream trailer!! Ahhhh so dreamy!!
Mikey and Kerouac were the perfect market dates ever!
And my outfit – though one of my favourite vintage dresses – was not good for a blustery Melbourne day! Oi vey! Right after Mikey took this photo I almost crushed my flowers in an attempt to keep my dress down! Haha needless to say, a quick yet hilarious walk home ensued! πŸ˜‰
Oh Melbourne!


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