Queensland me time

My trip to Queensland was both completely wonderful & also totally necessary.
2013 has proven to be wonderful, extremely hectic & absolutely epic in both dizzying highs & hard to digest lows.
Sometimes processing all of the above takes time & that is exactly what I was lacking.
Quality me-time.

I went to Queensland with my only plan being to have no plans. No return flight. No scheduled meetings. No alarms. Nothing but time to relax & laze around enjoying the simple things.

I spent a lot of time with both my parents, which was wonderful. Last year I only made it up twice, so I’m planning on not making that same mistake this year!
It also meant I was able to catch up with my friend Krysta (who is also my hairdresser!), so I’m not sure if my hair has ever been this maintained in all my adult life! Hahaha
she did such a great job!
It’s also the shortest I’ve had my hair in years – if only it would look like this all the time! πŸ˜‰

I caught up with childhood friends, meet an adorable little bub, looked at vintage stores, ate a lot of Thai food, drank a lot of coffee (even more than usual!), watched the x-files (Toooooooooms!!) & Judge Judy (mums guilty pleasure! Haha), drank beer on a mountain & read an awesome trilogy by Jilliann Hoffmann! Oh – & I also got to spend Mother’s Day with my Mama which was so so wonderful

Here’s a few of my Instagram snaps from the past 10 days (or so!)
It really was the perfect way to unwind


Wrap-ups & unscheduled breaks

Snippets of what life has been like lately via Instagram…
While i am doing a bit of a wrap-up here, i may as well add that I’m currently taking a little break.

Seems my ability to manage my stress levels is rather lacking (note – currently non-existent!), so I’ve headed up north to visit my folks & unwind a bit.
I guess we can sometimes get to a point where we worry about the needs of others instead of our own.
That is where I find myself right now

I would love to say that I’m chasing the sun, but my arrival in Queensland seems to have coincided with the rain & a much cooler than usual Queensland climate! Trust! πŸ˜‰

For now life is consisting of a very slow & much welcomed pace.

A lot of sleep, long lazy days & reading.
Plus spending time with my family is always such a bonus – I really don’t see enough of them!

Here’s to spending time with the ones you love (must add – am missing Mike & puppy like crazy!) & looking after yourself

2 months ago

this photo is one of my favourites from the day
the last one of us before we were married
(& a selfie in a mirror at that!)

i remember the feeling of anticipation
everything felt so surreal
we’d gone out to grab coffee & some breakfast, before wandering down to the farmers market at the ferry terminal
i bought 2 bunches of ranunculus that i planned on making into a bouquet – a roll of double sided tape & 2 meters of ribbon later, & i was done
we were both ready in under half an hour…

i remember a few days earlier a friend said to us

i don’t know how to describe it, but it changes everything

we thought he was mad…
…but now i’m not so sure
i mean, he was kind of right.
there has been a subtle change – a shift of sorts.

it’s a wonderful feeling

Queensland via my phone

Queensland came and went by far too quickly
It was the first time I’d made it up since the middle of last year, but unfortunately this visit was due to family health reasons (everything is good now though!)
I know I say it (or at least I think it) all the time, but I really want to try & get up there more often.

There was so much family time, it really made my heart feel full!
I also managed to get my hair done &, as the photos below prove, take far too many photos of myself! πŸ˜‰
so much goodness!
Can’t wait to get back up there soon

time out

im taking a time out.

A moment to recharge my thoughts & calm mind.
an attempt to process everything that has been happening in the past month.

It has been a whirlwind, but life can be like that sometimes.
All of the wonderful memories are swirling around, & i’m feeling the need to grab every last one, giving it the attention it surely needs.

In the midst of all these feelings, something has come up that makes everything seem less important.
Family has always been key, & being away from them for so long is surely not good for the soul. Well, for my soul at least…

So i sit here, in the sticky Queensland heat, a mess of emotions weighing on my mind.
My head feels heavy, a constant pain as emotions battle for poll position.

this is my time out


family time <3

it’s been almost 8 months since i’ve been interstate to visit my family!
8 months?!!
i don’t even know how that happened, but i’m having some serious family-time withdrawals right about now!
the last time i went up to visit was my brother & Annas farewell party (well, parties!) & it was an absolute whirlwind, but flicking through all my photos has me missing them all ten fold!
Grandpa taking in the view
Mel snapping a pic of Mike snapping a pic of Mel… (i’m almost certain that in every batch of my family photos there is at least one identical to this! haha)
my mama & i in clashing prints πŸ˜‰
my contribution to the farewell dinner was a giant lasagne (my aunties recipe)
it’s ridiculously tasty – definitely not your typical lasagne!
Nan & Anna-bananna
Richo, Nicole & Grandpa
the most amusing way i’ve ever seen to iron out a table cloth! πŸ˜‰ hahaha men!
my beautiful mama ❀
getting sprung texting (or instagraming – very likely instagram to be honest!)
some of our delicious feast
favourite kiddo ❀
with our adorable cousins
love them ❀

Coffee dates

coffee dates are right at the top of my list of “favourite things to do”, & the past few weeks have been some of the most wonderful & social of my life (lately anyway!)
Apart from the fact that I love coffee (or as the above photo shows, the occasional cocktail!) it’s the sharing of time & the relaxed state that comes with it that is the icing on the cake!
It signifies catching up with a loved one, filling each other in on the goings on in our respective lives & staying connected.

Making time for such events has proven so necessary for the soul, (for me at least) & I truly revel in these moments.

From long lost friends to my love (who I see on a daily basis), taking the time out to sit & reflect is something that you just can’t put a price on