Other Pretty Things – I want to live here!

I want to live here!!
Look at those sunlit balconies and all those beautiful Bougainvilleas! β™₯
I can’t believe it’s taken me a decade to notice this building! (To be fair, it is hidden down an alleyway which I’d never wandered down, until now!)
So much love β™₯


beautiful vintage that makes my heart skip a beat

i love vintage clothing.
beautiful dresses really do make my heart skip a beat, & while i have quite a large collection myself, the dresses over at Dear Golden really are a sight to behold.
they’re currently having a 25% off sale & as a result, i’m wishing i had an endless list of gala’s to go to (just one would be nice…!), not to mention & endless supply of money πŸ˜‰
here are some of my favourites that i wish i could make mine

this beautiful 1950’s silk orange party dress

i’m certain i need this gorgeous 1950s wedding dress
(i have a slight obsession with wedding dresses…it’s possible that i own at least 10…)
and while on the topic of wedding dresses…

please can this be mine??

this beautiful baby blue strapless number is just breathtaking

and this white & blue cupcake dress

and this incredible red tulle number

and while i’m here, how could i go past these 2 gorgeous princess coats

this black & rusty brown boucle coat

and i swear this black wool coat is what my dreams are made of!
look at both of those collars!! ahhh ❀

if you didn’t already know, i have a thing for the 1950s πŸ˜‰

i’ve been crushing on Dear Golden for such a long time, so i needed to share the love
if you’re after beautiful vintage, definitely pop over to their store & check them out.

(i’m not in any way affiliated with Dear Golden. i just love their dresses!)

Other Pretty Things – Valentine’s Edition

i was so sidetracked with Mikes arrival home that i managed to forget that Valentine’s Day is next week!
while i love love, Valentine’s Day isn’t a big celebration for us (i don’t even know why actually…maybe i need to bring it back πŸ˜‰ hehehe), but i thought i’d put together a mini edition of other pretty things – Valentine’s Day style!
The Glasshouse Candle in tahaa is our favourite – hands down! Mike actually discovered it when walking past a store to meet me after work. it makes me think of freshly baked cookies whenever i smell it – just delicious!
and i’m not even sure how i found the ‘We Belong in San Francisco’ print by little canoe, but it just sums us up so well!
the swedish hasbeens, giant dwarf constellation crown & bottle (or 10!) of the chandon sparkling rose…well, they’re just a few little things i would love to make my own πŸ˜‰

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

hope you have a happy valentine’s day

other pretty things

let me start the list off with these pens!

oh my goodness – it’s like a dream come true! i’ve been going through a pen a week at my current rate of writing (which is not a good thing, considering i’ve been stealing Mikey’s “fancy” expensive pens! heehee) so a pen that will allow 1.5 metres of writing a day for the next 7 years..? it’s a total no brainer!

i am a bit of a journal junkie, but this beautiful leather journal from inblue handmade takes the cake! it took me forever just to narrow down which one i liked the most, but i can never go past stacks of vintage suitcases (yet another weakness)!

just look at this gorgeous vintage dress

those colours! and the roses! ahhh! it’s just too perfect ❀
(and seriously, how could i not add a dress into my list! it’s kind of a no brainer πŸ˜‰

now i’m not sure which tights i want more

these ones

or these
i’m almost certain i would get more wear out of the fuchsia/violet ones, but i’m crushing on all shades of sunset at the moment!

and while we’re on the topic of ombrΓ©…

Mermaid hair!!! so in love
This is actually my dream hair, though I’m not sure I have the balls to go through with it. Maybe one day…

this stunning book by Megan Morton
the cover alone won me over, but it’s filled with so many beautiful images.

Eeeeeeep!! Tis the (very short) season for my favourite beauties
Am trying to figure out how many bunches of these babies I can grab before I’m totally broke! Hahaha

What pretty things have been catching your eye lately?


other pretty things

it’s the end of May already! hello winter! i’m so exited to meet you! πŸ˜‰
here are a few pretty things i’ve found myself lusting over of late…

oh oh oh!! ❀
the Cleveland Sofa by Thrive Furniture has stolen.my.heart! i’ve been on the hunt for a new sofa for the past few weeks due to the sudden demise of our sofa bed (i may have pulled out a large wire rod from said sofa bed several years ago…i always wondered what its purpose was…now i know! hah!)
unfortunately for me, they’re based in the USA, but they do ship internationally… i’m too scared to find out what that cost might be though πŸ˜‰

Flappergirls gorgeous neck ties! this galaxy print is absolutely gorgeous, but i also love the red & white scalloped print & the blue with the lace flower adornments. definitely added to my wish list ❀

the lovely Katie from Skunkboy Creature‘s hair!
i’ve been wanting red hair for years now, but i haven’t had the courage to give it a go.
Katie’s lovely locks make me want to try! how gorgeous is she?! she’s also just blogged over at A Beautiful Mess with 5 tips for keeping red hair brightΒ (i absolutely love her outfit in this post too! so cute!)

this gorgeous 1960’s bathing suit from Oh So Lovely Vintage
even though winter is beginning to set in here, i can’t help but think of a tropical Hawaiian holiday for my birthday (as i do every year…) & this would be the perfect addition πŸ˜‰

following on from that “beach holiday” state of mind, these coconut & lime candles from Sweet & Tender tie in just perfectly!
they come in 3 different sizes (large jar, all the way for me!) and there is free postage Australia wide! yes please! ❀

now last, but definitely not least…
bb (13)
the lovely Gala Darling has her Radical Self Love Bootcamp at half price until June 6th!! Say what??! I’ve been reading Gala’s blog for years & i love the positive message she sends out – so i just signed up! I’m ridiculously excited for what this bootcamp entails so i’ll definitely let you know!
(i’m not at all affiliated with Gala in anyway. i purchased (& loved!) her podcast series & i love her blog & i’m super excited about the self love bootcamp! get on it!)

what’s been catching your eye lately lovelies?

other pretty things

i’m still buzzing from Finders Keepers market (or maybe that’s from all the sugar i’ve consumed!), so a few of my favourite things may be very Finders Keepers-ish… πŸ˜‰

the finders keepers market! AHHH hehehe! so, so good!

the delicious cupcakes from Mr Nice Guy! my oh my! they were incredible ❀ it was also the first time i tried red velvet cupcakes!
cue mind blowing type fireworks here! seriously!

the lovely stationery by Jessie over at Truth Be Told
after going gaga over all the incredible stalls at the Finders Keepers Market, the only things i managed to come home with were 2 cupcakes (i may have eaten the other 2…maybe…!) & 4 of Jessie’s lovely cards! I bought one of her cards at the markets last year & have been smitten ever since! ❀

hello pretty Taco Truck! even though we had a 20 minute wait to order…followed by a 45 minute wait for the tacos to be made…it was worth it! i don’t know how to explain it apart from saying they were the best darn chicken tacos i have ever eaten! (i may be addicted…maybe…)

the magic trip movie
oh woah, where do i begin?! this film has so much incredible footage of some really interesting characters! watching Neal Cassady is just mind blowing! he just never ever stops! you can really see where Jack Kerouac drew inspiration for the character of Dean Moriarty from. just such a fascinating watch. i highly recommend it!

volume three of Kinfolk Magazine
i managed to get my paws on an actual copy over at MagNation (i had no idea they stocked it?!) & i can’t stop drooling over it! such a beautiful publication ❀

the beautiful art of my friend Karolina ❀ she really is such a talented lady
you should definitely check out her blog too ❀

any other pretty things come across your screens lately?
feel free to share lovelies

other pretty things

since i’ve been bombarding you with random photos of date days/nights I thought I better restore sanity and throw together a list of “other pretty things” that have found themselves in my lust list of late πŸ˜‰

1. this gorgeous dress over at Vintage & Gee’s etsy shop!

it’s so very pretty (& it’s my size…and did i mention that i love it?!) but i’m trying so hard not to buy anything this week…but i may have to make an exception πŸ˜‰

2. how to throw yourself a pity party

Gracie sent me an email with some photos from Wit + Delight on how to throw yourself a pity party and it absolutely made my day! the banner is made my Megan Galante & the whole idea actually brings a smile to my face! what better way to kick that bad mood in the butt then with a party like this! πŸ˜‰

3. these cake batter milkshakes over at A Beautiful Mess

i don’t even think words need to be used – i mean, look how delicious these look! Emma & Elsie always have the greatest tutorials, not to mention the funfetti milkshake has my name all over it – i’m a total sucker for 100’s & 1000’s! πŸ˜‰

4. living in Twin Peaks

this is by far one of my favourite tv shows of all time! i love everything about Twin Peaks & the decor just makes me swoon! I mean – black and white stripes, red velvet…donuts…coffee?! yea – my thoughts exactly! πŸ˜‰

i’d be living in a Twin Peaks themed wonderland in a heartbeat…if it wasn’t so hot…& it suited our art deco apartment! πŸ˜‰ but mark my words, when we move into a cabin in the woods, i’m there!
speaking of Twin Peaks, i’m certain that a Twin Peaks marathon is well overdue…anyone care to join in? the coffee and pie is on me πŸ˜‰

5. Elsa Billgren

i have a girl-crush on Elsa ❀ her photos are the prettiest and her collection of vintage dresses makes me giddy!
i remember discovering her blog a few years ago and wondering how no earth anyone could have a vintage dress collection that large…& before i knew it my vintage dress collection of 3 had turned into well over 150! (does this mean i can blame her for my obsession with vintage? hehehe) she’s all sorts of adorable! go check out her blog & see what i mean…

that wraps up other pretty things for now…feel free to link any pretty things that have crossed your browser recently in the comments below
big love & bottomless cups of coffee (mmm…)