Sparks Red Carpet

the red carpet was hilarious.
and by hilarious i actually mean kind of terrifying! (in a good way of course)

there were people everywhere, along with crazy bright lights & more cameras then you could poke a stick at! it was really wild!
i’ve been on the press line before, taking pictures of people on the red carpet when i helped Mike out with Indie Film Nation, and even that was crazy – not to mention i was a little star struck (Joseph Gordon Levitt!!!!!), but this was a whole new strange level for me!
i did feel like my face was going to burst from smiling so much – but i figure that can’t be a bad thing!

some friends managed to snap some photos of us as we were shuffled down the press line so i thought i’d share a few
(even though this one is blurry, it really shows the madness that was the red carpet!)
it was really such a fun experience.
plus i managed to find a 1940s dress to fit in with the era of the film, so i ticked that one off my list!

i wore: vintage 1940’s dress from Shag / sportsgirl heels / vintage bag
mike wore: ted baker endurance suit / ted baker shirt



LA in a nutshell

our experience in LA was, in a nutshell, rushed.
i’m almost certain we spent half a day trying to find wedding rings downtown in the jewellery district! (we really did leave a lot of things last minute)

our days started off with two things – a delicious breakfast from EggSlut & a coffee from the Hart & the Hunter.
some days i needed a double caffeine hit – a takeaway latte and a piccolo!
the quiet courtyard at the Palihotel

Mike dropped me off at Jetrag Vintage & i very happily spent an hour browsing through all the incredible dresses. i actually only managed to get through 4 rows of dresses from the 50’s & 60’s – i could have spent all day in here! it’s a wonderland!
i tried on so many dresses (& bought the 2 on the right)
but i’m still wishing i got the one on the left here (even though it did have a tear in the seam) – look how perfect it was!

there was more coffee followed by more running around (& quite a bit of sitting around on LA freeways – pretty sure it’s always peak hour over there!)
america – i’ve gotta hand it to you…i’m liking your coffee! πŸ˜‰

for dinner we decided to head out to the Grove to give Gordon Ramsay’s new restaurant Fat Cow a try
i had a delicious beef pie, while poor Mike had to attempt to find his (very undercooked! eep!) steak under a mound of the funniest looking fries we had ever seen!

oh, did i mention we had more coffee?
and some of the tastiest food i’ve ever had
and of course more eggs

it all flew by so very quickly & before we knew it we were all packed & waiting to head to San Jose…

1940s glamour

i’ve found my dress for the film premiere ❀

i was sure i had my work cut out for me, considering 1940s dresses aren’t exactly the easiest thing to find, especially on a time constraint!
i almost just gave up, but a fateful pop into a vintage store on the way to visit a friend had my dress dilemmas sorted! my dress of choice was a gorgeous black crepe wiggle dress with a sweetheart neckline…(but i’ll share more about that a little later…)

below are a few gorgeous gowns that i came across while gathering dress inspiration on etsy.

this gorgeous black art deco dress from Rococo Vintage
this Jerry Gilden Rayon dress from Raleigh Vintage
this gorgeous peach coloured dream from Nod to Mod Vintage
and this stunning pink lace formal gown

so simple but so glamorous

so much has changed yet so much has stayed the same

the world's at your feet

i logged into polyvore for the first time in four years (four years?!! how does that even happen??) to put together a few sets as outfit inspiration for my upcoming trip…but after browsing through my previous sets i’m left feeling amused that although so much has changed, so much has stayed the same.

let's disappear...
What Dream are made of
fairytale glamour
days are endless dreams
dream weaver
it's a nice day for a...
the burrow

i guess at the core of my lusts there has always been travel, stars, hearts, pretty dresses & a dash of whimsy…

life in photos & my night (in a nutshell)

i like taking photos
my phone & numerous cameras are proof of that
but unless they make it on to my instagram feed, the rest of my photos (iphone in particular) tend to disappear into some sort of a black hole!
to right this wrong, i’ve decided to use my life in photo posts to capture some of the more random pictures i take – along with my instagram & project 365 pics!
(lets face it – they probably disappear into a black hole for a reason, but anywaaaay…)
here’s a peek at the past couple of weeks via my iPhone
life in photos
Life in photos
want to hear my evening in a nutshell?
i’m high on caffeine, i just got a new (to me) dryer & washing machine delivered by some friends (who had to haul it up my steep stairs on this 37 degrees evening?!! Thanks Jules & Rhys!), i’ve been on a 2 hour late night walk (in said heat!), i just washed pup & Mikey is home tomorrow!!!!! ❀
best be off to bed – tomorrow’s going to be a big day! yay!
hope you all have a happy week

bright colours & giant fish = daily outfit post

Another day, another outfit photo (taken once again by Penny)…
and another vintage dress – naturally πŸ˜‰
this wall was just screaming to have photos taken in front of it, even if the giant koi mixed with my red dress made for a colour-assault on the eyes…how could we say no!
i’m slowly getting the knack of this posing business, but as you can see on the right, i’ve still got quite a way to go! haha (even funnier is that Penny only sent me the good photos! eeep)
i’m wearing – vintage sundress: thrifted / shoes: sportsgirl / necklace: Polli
have a wonderful week everyone
& thanks again Penny!

Australia Day Outfit

outfit posts are not something i do with great ease.
i like being behind a camera (that’s usually where you will find me!), but with my vintage dress collection expanding (drastically!) i wanted to start documenting my outfits a little better. Enter from left stage Penny, who very kindly accepted the challenge of capturing me.
She actually spotted this dress while we were out op-shopping & the lovely bold print just screamed Australian Flora to me. it was only fitting to debut it on Australia Day
i’m wearing: vintage dress: thrifted / cardigan: witchery / leather bag: hand-me-down from Mama / shoes: sportsgirl / sunglasses: Ines de la Fressange
i hope you all had a wonderful weekend
(& thank you so much Penny ❀ )

Back to the Future Daily Outfit Photo – June Edition

this yellow 50’s sundress has been one of my favourite thrift finds to date. it’s unbelievably bright & i can’t help but feel happy when i wear it!
this was the first time i ever wore these shoes
*le sigh*
they’re almost totally dead now! 6 months of (obsessive) wear will do that to shoes. i knew i should have snapped up another pair!
vintage sundress – thrifted / stripy tights – myer / cardi – old sportsgirl / shoes – santini

if you couldn’t guess – i’m not too good at posing for photos! the outtakes far outweigh any decent photos that poor Mikey managed to snap of me!
also – look how long my hair was!! to think i lopped it all off that night (& then did the same thing last month, after 5 months of crazy-fast hair growth)

ballet gala date night

Ballet date nights have become one of our favourite outings this year & the Opening Night of the Australian Ballets 50th Anniversary Gala did not disappoint!
I’m almost certain i’ve been raving about it all week long, but i’ve put off posting this because I wanted to share the link to the performance we saw (as one of the nights was filmed for the ABC – we watched it again last night! Incredible!!) The performers from the Stuttgart Ballet blew my mind! they were so great in both their performances that i just can’t get my head around it! The fact that one their performances was contemporary is even more mind blowing (i’m usually not a fan…at all)

Why Ballet you ask? let me share our little “backstory”…

Growing up, i was a ballerina. i started local classes with my friends at the age of 4 & continued into my teens. i lived & breathed ballet! Practice was constant as was the structure & discipline, & i even found myself researching my favourite ballerinas in my spare time. My Mama was a dancer (she even started her own dance school when she was 18 years old!!) needless to say, she was my role model & hero!
while it was everything i had ever wanted, i loved the other aspects of my life too. i was a typical athletic teenager who loved socialising & running amuck. i was given the opportunity to go to a Ballet School but i found the decision too big to make at that stage of my life…so i gave it all up…

i still have all of my dance costumes, along with the photos and videos of all the performances over the years. oh, & my gold charm bracelet from when i was 9 years old filled with little ballet-type charms!

Fast forward to meeting Mike ❀
Our first proper “date” was watching the Australian Ballet in Brisbane, so (9 years later!) we decided that we needed some more ballet in our lives πŸ˜‰
While researching the performances the Australian Ballet had for the 2012 season we saw that they had a season pass – a package to go to all 5 of their performances in Melbourne for the year – so we booked.
it’s been one of the best investments we’ve made this year (& only cost around $33 per ticket!)
We’ve already booked our tickets for the 2013 season, so if you’re in anyway inclined (& in either Melbourne of Sydney) I definitely recommend it!
It’s the perfect excuse (if you need one!) to get gussied up, drink fancy champagne & get a little bit of culture in your life πŸ˜‰
fancy champagne me
with my dapper date
(let’s pretend this isn’t the only decent photo i got of the 2 of us together hah!)
our course i used the opportunity to get an outfit photo in too
i’m wearing
vintage 60’s dress – thrifted / vintage patent leather bag – thrifted / heels – nine west

Like i said, i can’t stop raving about the performance! click here to watch the Australian Ballet’s 50th Anniversary
it won’t disappoint

lazy sunday

it’s been a really busy week, we’ve got a houseguest for the weekend & I’m struggling to keep some sort of a cold at bay, but I managed to dress myself (seriously…it was struggle-town!) & wander down to a friends cafe to catchup with a couple of girlfriends.
i went to school with these girls up in Queensland, & even though we live so close (especially at the moment – we’re all within 10 minutes of one another!) we’ve hardly managed a proper catchup in months!
we spent a couple of hours drinking delicious coffee (thanks Umbi!) & filling each other in on all the happenings in our lives.
It’s one of those beautiful things when you’ve known someone for so long that you just continue where you left off the last time you met.
we’ve planned a pizza party for this coming Friday, in an effort to not let as much time creep in between catchups!
After we said our farewells, Sharon decided that she needed to document my outfit…where she came to the conclusion that I’m totally useless at posing!
I mean…
taking directions is not something im very good at, & my brain was just not computing today! πŸ˜‰
She was trying to get a picture of my hair, but they just failed miserably! πŸ˜‰ so here’s one I prepared earlier…
I wish I could say this was the easiest hairstyle I’ve ever done, but it was my first attempt, so I think half a packet of bobby pins (& half an hour) wasn’t too bad an effort!

Outfit details:
gingham dress – thrifted / vintage coat – thrifted / scarf – super old, David Jones I think / lv vintage bag – thrifted / fingerless sleeves – gift from boss / shoes – Santini

thanks to Sharon for the photos & Kelly for the lovely catchup