Dumbo feather Christmas Fete

We stopped by the Dumbo Feather Christmas Fete this Saturday, which was held at the gorgeous ground of the White House in St Kilda.
They had transformed the yard into the cutest little setup of market stalls – including flowers by Cecelia Fox (which is how I found out about the fete in the first place!), where I managed to pick up the sweetest smelling roses I’ve ever come across!!
They were just divine β™₯
The Allpress coffee was just spot on (as always!) and I desperately wanted to steal the Dumbo Feather airstream trailer!! Ahhhh so dreamy!!
Mikey and Kerouac were the perfect market dates ever!
And my outfit – though one of my favourite vintage dresses – was not good for a blustery Melbourne day! Oi vey! Right after Mikey took this photo I almost crushed my flowers in an attempt to keep my dress down! Haha needless to say, a quick yet hilarious walk home ensued! πŸ˜‰
Oh Melbourne!


the last of the summer sunshine

a few weekends ago, before Melbourne became the obligatory winter wonderland, Penny & i headed out in the last of the summer sunshine on a little vintage shopping adventure. while we didn’t document any of that (what is wrong with us?!) we did make a stop at The St Kilda Dispensary – where i went a bit snap happy (to say the least!)

i’m in love with the decor here – clean lines, hints of vintage & a whole pile of medical equipment. it fits in perfectly with the fact that back in the day, the building itself was actually the St Kilda Medical Dispensary!!
the owner Kristy is just lovely & found all the pieces herself – i’m just a teeeeensy bit jealous of her incredible finds! πŸ˜‰
Penny got straight to instagraming
while my attempt at a selfie failed (still getting the hang of the manual setting on my camera!)
thankfully there’s always coffee to save the day
i love the cute little sugar jars – our souvenir spoon was London Bridge!
(did i ever mention that i have a souvenir spoon collection?? because i do…)
this here is my favourite cozy corner
look at those light globes! and the crutches in the corner! and the little bursts of colour from the flowers scattered all around! ahhh so so perfect!
it has come to my attention that this is what i look like whenever this meal is placed in front of me. i literally just sit there grinning at it.
can you blame me though?
look at it! The ever so delicious veggie breakfast roll – with avo & feta mash, a fried egg, rocket & hollandaise sauce…oh man! i’m getting hungry just thinking about it!
Penny had a delicious scone & jam slider! how cute is it?!!
all the meals here are affordable & from the few i’ve tried, they’re also delicious (though i do keep having the veggie breakfast roll! it’s just too good!)
this is actually the hardest window to get a shot of – this was the best out of them all. the brightness meant the reflections were off the hook! sorry! haha

not wanting the deliciousness to end there, we decided to grab ourselves a couple of cupcakes from Southside Markets
unfortunately they didn’t taste as good as they looked…
actually, they were awful & after one tiny bite we both threw them out! such a waste & so so sad

we decided that the only way to get rid of the bad cupcake taste & cure our blues was to have even more food
naturally we went for chips with aioli dip
we also got some sparkling rose – the perfect companion to chips!
(haha probably not but it is delicious)
pretty roses that i wanted to take home with me

we had such a fun, food-filled day & i can’t believe those sunny days are already so far behind us! oh well – we’ll just have to wear more layers next time! πŸ˜‰

farewell summer picnics

i’ve begun the (seemingly) never-ending task of uploading my holiday pictures onto flickr, & while i was there i stumbled across some pics i forgot to share!
this was from a beautifully sunny saturday in february, when my friend Deb & i decided to make the most of the good weather & spend the afternoon in the park

the first thing we noticed was this guy dressed as a dinosaur
lovely Deb with our (first! eep!) bottle of bubbly
we found ourselves a nice shady spot under a tree
and packed a tasty feast of farmers market goodies
and i laughed while Deb instagrammed
trying to find the perfect angle πŸ˜‰
…of blueberries in sparkling rose! delicious!
the feast continued until we could eat no more…
…& then this was the cosiest spot to be
under the lovely warm sun
(where it was far too easy to have a kip!)
farewell summer picnics
until next time…

Lazy Sunday


Mike heads off to the US next weekend, so we’ve been trying to find that balance between getting things done & relaxing & enjoying each others company.

Weekends for us involve coffee, walking & exploring the neighbourhood, catching up with friends & soaking up summer!
(oh – & purchasing beanies that make me look like a koala! As you do…!)

Wishing you all a happy weekend


Day Four of project 365
seriously guys…it’s going to be 41 degrees today!
41 degrees!!! (and that’s celcius! 105 F!)
it stayed that way well into the night (9pm = still 40 degrees! ughhhh!!)
i hid at work in the air conditioning, which is why it seemed perfectly logical to drink a nice hot coffee in the middle of this disgusting day!
walking home was seriously unpleasant though!
hello heat stroke & totally losing my appetite!
dinner was a cheese platter with Gracie & Harry Potter Deathly Hallow (part 1) in 3D
i did get attacked by a moth which led to me feeling that 3D was a little too realistic (meaning – i screamed and threw my glasses whilst flapping my arms! hah!)
it’s still 36 degrees now…
i’m not a fan summer…

lazy sunday evenings

a mexican feast, delicious wine, a toasty warm fire & great friends = the perfect end to a long week. (long live sunday evening gatherings i say!)
Scarlett & Penny
Romy & i
such a lovely setting for a lazy Sunday evening (& delicious wine to boot!)
food to share
& food for oneself

happy December <3

happy December friends ❀
looking at my calendar i can already tell that this is going to be the craziest month yet (it always is, isn’t it!) so i thought i’d just pop by & say that i hope you’re all enjoying the holiday season.
i somehow forgot what retail in the month leading up to Christmas would entail…so wish me luck! (or call me silly – either way!)
i’m going to post a few sets of photos over the next week or two that i forgot about, so expect it to be photo heavy…and for me to actually have nice hair! πŸ˜‰
this is a pic from when i was in QLD visiting my family 6 months ago (also right after i got my hair done) and even though i look ghostly pale & my hair looks unbelievably yellow…i love this picture! hahaha πŸ˜‰
it’s ok – im not really that pale & my hair was never that scary looking! just blame it on the camera!
have a wonderful silly season & enjoy the madness that is December

sunny sunny day (& an impromptu outfit photo shoot)

when Penny & i spotted this colourful wall we knew it needed to be documented.
i’d been rabbiting on about my favourite wall that i walk past everyday (& how i have always wanted to take outfit photos in front of it but never have…) so seeing this was a sign that crossing the road & attempting to pose was totally necessary!
how incredible is this wall? i’m almost certain that i’ll be wandering over here more often to snap some shots!
now this is just a few shots – we took far too many.
it seems that i’m not the most graceful person when it comes to posing for photos. i have some hysterical attempts at “looking casual”, but they’re almost a bit too embarrassing to share! πŸ˜‰

after a quick opshop we headed to a bar for some delicious fries & my favourite sparkling rose.
gosh this stuff makes me happy!
we were brainstorming business ideas & making big plans, so we’ll see what comes from it.
the future is bright friends πŸ™‚
(funnily enough, it was sunny & 27 degrees when we took these photos on thursday. now, saturday, it’s freezing cold, dark, stormy & i have the heater on two bars. two bars!! that means it was cold! brrr! also might explain the cold that seems to have appeared on the scene…)

ok – so outfit time
i’m wearing – a new (surprise surprise!)vintage dress that i bought on tuesday (i’d spotted it previously but this time it was half price! eeep!) / cardi from forever 21 (i think? super old) / vintage enamel flower from easy / melissa shoes / ines de la fressange sunnies
ahhh i just realised i don’t have any info about Penny’s outfit! ok – i shall add that as soon as i get the info off her! πŸ˜‰

it was such a wonderful afternoon & soaking up the suns rays really was spectacular! (even if they only lasted for a day haha) i can’t wait for spring ❀
have a happy weekend folks! i’m heading back to soak up the heat from our heater πŸ˜‰

snippets of spring

snippets of spring so far
(via instagram)

  1. breakfast snack
  2. farmers market outfit – new cape & gumboots
  3. delicious cheese platters
  4. work outfit – 1950’s shirt dress
  5. true words
  6. brunch date with Mikey ❀
  7. Β latte love
  8. happy spring me in a vintage sundress
  9. relaxing
  10. pretty gifts from friends
  11. ballet bun
  12. ballet date night
  13. ballet date night date ❀ so handsome ❀
  14. quilt for a little cutie-pie
  15. my two loves ❀

In true Melbourne style the weather has gone from gloriously sunny & warm, to freezing cold gale force winds & storms.
today it turned back into a beautiful day, but that winter chill is still in the air!
i sure love Melbourne though!

goodbye birthday month

hello september.
you’re really pretty…& you should be showing us how spring has sprung etc…but who am i kidding, this is Melbourne after all! πŸ˜‰
i’m in full spring cleaning mode at the moment. i even swept. & mopped. & vacuumed! who needs a gym membership when cleaning can give you a full body workout! aye carumba! (hah! i don’t think i’ve ever used that term before…interesting!)
that being said, i still have a tonne of housework to do
so until next time…