RSPCA Million Paws Walk

last weekend we ditched our sunday morning sleep in to join thousands of others (2 legged & 4 legged alike!) at the RSPCA Million Paws Walk. it’s an annual event held Australia wide & we’ve been meaning to sign up for the past few years, so this year we finally looked up our local event, registered & wandered on over to Albert Park Lake with our little fur-baby.
kerouac can sometimes be a little on the grumpy side (when it comes to small fluffy dogs that is. she loves humans! pretty sure she thinks she is human!) so we had high hopes that she would behave herself for this very doggy outing – & she definitely didn’t disappoint!
i’m actually not sure how she managed to be so calm considering the monstrous crowd – i guess she was just overwhelmed with all the sights, smells & pups! the race began while we were still making our way to the starting line!
and they’re off
look at that huge grin!
the long trail of pups & people stretched half way around the lake – such a sight to see!
my two favourites keeping the pace
at the water station – refuelling
and here’s a pic of me looking ridiculously tired (can i add that this was pre-caffiene & well into our second hour of walking? haha)
the RSPCA did such a brilliant job – the Million Paws Walk was a total success raising over half a million dollars in Victoria alone! all three of us had a blast & although we humans were pooped, pups seemed to be on some sort of a high! so much for tuckering her out! haha
Make sure you check out their website & sign up yourself – it really is such a great cause!


Wrap-ups & unscheduled breaks

Snippets of what life has been like lately via Instagram…
While i am doing a bit of a wrap-up here, i may as well add that I’m currently taking a little break.

Seems my ability to manage my stress levels is rather lacking (note – currently non-existent!), so I’ve headed up north to visit my folks & unwind a bit.
I guess we can sometimes get to a point where we worry about the needs of others instead of our own.
That is where I find myself right now

I would love to say that I’m chasing the sun, but my arrival in Queensland seems to have coincided with the rain & a much cooler than usual Queensland climate! Trust! πŸ˜‰

For now life is consisting of a very slow & much welcomed pace.

A lot of sleep, long lazy days & reading.
Plus spending time with my family is always such a bonus – I really don’t see enough of them!

Here’s to spending time with the ones you love (must add – am missing Mike & puppy like crazy!) & looking after yourself

2 months ago

this photo is one of my favourites from the day
the last one of us before we were married
(& a selfie in a mirror at that!)

i remember the feeling of anticipation
everything felt so surreal
we’d gone out to grab coffee & some breakfast, before wandering down to the farmers market at the ferry terminal
i bought 2 bunches of ranunculus that i planned on making into a bouquet – a roll of double sided tape & 2 meters of ribbon later, & i was done
we were both ready in under half an hour…

i remember a few days earlier a friend said to us

i don’t know how to describe it, but it changes everything

we thought he was mad…
…but now i’m not so sure
i mean, he was kind of right.
there has been a subtle change – a shift of sorts.

it’s a wonderful feeling

time out

im taking a time out.

A moment to recharge my thoughts & calm mind.
an attempt to process everything that has been happening in the past month.

It has been a whirlwind, but life can be like that sometimes.
All of the wonderful memories are swirling around, & i’m feeling the need to grab every last one, giving it the attention it surely needs.

In the midst of all these feelings, something has come up that makes everything seem less important.
Family has always been key, & being away from them for so long is surely not good for the soul. Well, for my soul at least…

So i sit here, in the sticky Queensland heat, a mess of emotions weighing on my mind.
My head feels heavy, a constant pain as emotions battle for poll position.

this is my time out


it’s the little things

i went to a friends new house last night & fell in love with the clean lines & sense of calm.
she’s been here barely a week, yet it feels so very much like a home.
not just any home, but it feels like her home.

with the record player going in the background & her pups chilling close by, we sat, ate the delicious meal she prepared & caught up with lengthly conversations over delicious red wine. (we also had chocolate. lindt dark chocolate with real strawberry pieces throughout. i don’t even have words! this is my new life food!)

when i got home i did a mini purge of sorts.
as a collector of “things” this wasn’t the easiest, but waking up & seeing my bare windowsill this morning has made me incredibly happy.

it’s the little things

February Lists

Happy February!
It’s such an exciting month for us, & with just over 3 weeks till we jet off I really need to get focused!
What better way then with a to-do list!Now i do love lists, so i’ve put together 2 – my ideal to-do list & the ‘what’s really going to happen’ list…
To Do

    • apply for visa
    • find 40s dress for premiere
    • buy (or borrow!) a suitcase
    • organise dresses
    • move old washing machine to make space for new one
    • give pups a bath
    • make meals (save money!) instead of buying takeout
    • learn how to do victory rolls (or some other pretty 40s hairstyle)
    • check PO box
    • pay bills
    • book share car to pick Mikey up
    • wake up earlier to exercise


    • snooze my alarm to snuggle with pup for an extra half hour
    • spend hours watching YouTube hair tutorials
    • get sidetracked on etsy & end up falling in love with 50s prom dresses (Cinderella style!)
    • eat (& drink!) out every second night
    • go op-shopping & buy more dresses
    • start to organise said dresses only to have a one person fashion parade…all.night!
    • stare at washing machine for a few minutes before running myself a relaxing bath

As my lists show, I get sidetracked very easily! Got any tips on staying focused? I need all the help I can get!
Feel free to harass me (or send messages of encouragement!)
Gotta get this show on the road πŸ˜‰


change is hanging over me like a thick fog.

it’s clouding my mind, leaving me feeling overwhelmed.
though, upon reflection i guess it’s that overwhelming feeling of possibility rather than anything else.

my body is telling me i need a break.
from the strained muscle in my lower back, to the agonising tension in my shoulders (or is that just from my new jigsaw puzzle obsession..?!) & my constant thirst for water.

i’m feeling ever so fragile yet hopeful.
balancing delicately between the two, as if i’m tiptoeing through eggshells.

i’m not yet certain of the choices i will make, or what direction they will take me in
i just know that action needs to be taken

wish me luck

travel safe Mikey

Mikey is off to the USA today 😦
pup & i dropped him off at the airport shuttle earlier

even though i know the next few weeks will probably fly by & I already have so many plans (including a walk in 45 minutes & then a waffle party that i’m hosting in a few hours! eeeps!), i already miss him
we had a lovely date “day” yesterday – out to our fave cafe for brekky, our fave restaurant for dinner (although we went at 4:30 & struggled to eat anything! no chocolate self-centred pudding for me – so sad!) & then into the city to see our friend perform in Jersey Boys – it was incredible! a total must see if you haven’t yet, plus the Princess’ Theatre is absolutely divine!

travel safe Mikey & come back already! πŸ˜‰ hehehe


Day Four of project 365
seriously guys…it’s going to be 41 degrees today!
41 degrees!!! (and that’s celcius! 105 F!)
it stayed that way well into the night (9pm = still 40 degrees! ughhhh!!)
i hid at work in the air conditioning, which is why it seemed perfectly logical to drink a nice hot coffee in the middle of this disgusting day!
walking home was seriously unpleasant though!
hello heat stroke & totally losing my appetite!
dinner was a cheese platter with Gracie & Harry Potter Deathly Hallow (part 1) in 3D
i did get attacked by a moth which led to me feeling that 3D was a little too realistic (meaning – i screamed and threw my glasses whilst flapping my arms! hah!)
it’s still 36 degrees now…
i’m not a fan summer…

delayed december wrap-up

december has been an incredibly hectic month, with little time to reflect on the closing of 2012 or the planning & goal setting of 2013.
i’ve worked another crazy christmas in retail, had a gloriously full personal calendar, had my mama & step-dad visit (for christmas! hooray!), been taken on a surprise date to see BoyzIImen, focused on a healthy lifestyle & eating plan set up by my naturopath & finally taken my camera out of retirement to be as snap happy as possible!
oh, & did i mention my mama & i did some shopping? because we did. a lot!
my photos might also show that a lot of cocktails were consumed…which might be against my healthy eating plan, but can you blame me?!

i’m so thrilled that i’ve taken as many photos as i have on instagram. i’ve managed to capture so many random memories & its been wonderful to look back on all the moments i’ve captured.
here’s a wrap-up of my december, via instagram…
this one here was my last photo i took (on my iphone) from 2012.

i’ve been working away at my goals for 2013, & while i’ve already come up with quite a few (finally focusing on my business being right at the top!), my favourite so far is to host at least 12 dinner parties. it’s been the one that i’ve always mentioned in passing to Mike, so i thought it was about time that it was put into writing & action! this can also include lunches, brunches, waffle-parties (i’ve already planned this one! eeeeee!! so excited!), cocktail parties etc… anything that requires me playing host whilst serving food & drinks fits under this banner, so i’m pretty excited to get the ball rolling on this one!
i’ll be sure to share more of my goals, including my delayed 30 before 30 (eeep!), shop goals & the project 365 lifestyle photos i’ve already started.

i’m excited about 2013! it has so much potential & i have so many exciting things to share about this coming year! it’s a year of huge changes…i can’t wait!

anyone else have some goals or resolutions that have you excited? i’d love to hear about them!
bring it 2013