RSPCA Million Paws Walk

last weekend we ditched our sunday morning sleep in to join thousands of others (2 legged & 4 legged alike!) at the RSPCA Million Paws Walk. it’s an annual event held Australia wide & we’ve been meaning to sign up for the past few years, so this year we finally looked up our local event, registered & wandered on over to Albert Park Lake with our little fur-baby.
kerouac can sometimes be a little on the grumpy side (when it comes to small fluffy dogs that is. she loves humans! pretty sure she thinks she is human!) so we had high hopes that she would behave herself for this very doggy outing – & she definitely didn’t disappoint!
i’m actually not sure how she managed to be so calm considering the monstrous crowd – i guess she was just overwhelmed with all the sights, smells & pups! the race began while we were still making our way to the starting line!
and they’re off
look at that huge grin!
the long trail of pups & people stretched half way around the lake – such a sight to see!
my two favourites keeping the pace
at the water station – refuelling
and here’s a pic of me looking ridiculously tired (can i add that this was pre-caffiene & well into our second hour of walking? haha)
the RSPCA did such a brilliant job – the Million Paws Walk was a total success raising over half a million dollars in Victoria alone! all three of us had a blast & although we humans were pooped, pups seemed to be on some sort of a high! so much for tuckering her out! haha
Make sure you check out their website & sign up yourself – it really is such a great cause!


the last of the summer sunshine

a few weekends ago, before Melbourne became the obligatory winter wonderland, Penny & i headed out in the last of the summer sunshine on a little vintage shopping adventure. while we didn’t document any of that (what is wrong with us?!) we did make a stop at The St Kilda Dispensary – where i went a bit snap happy (to say the least!)

i’m in love with the decor here – clean lines, hints of vintage & a whole pile of medical equipment. it fits in perfectly with the fact that back in the day, the building itself was actually the St Kilda Medical Dispensary!!
the owner Kristy is just lovely & found all the pieces herself – i’m just a teeeeensy bit jealous of her incredible finds! πŸ˜‰
Penny got straight to instagraming
while my attempt at a selfie failed (still getting the hang of the manual setting on my camera!)
thankfully there’s always coffee to save the day
i love the cute little sugar jars – our souvenir spoon was London Bridge!
(did i ever mention that i have a souvenir spoon collection?? because i do…)
this here is my favourite cozy corner
look at those light globes! and the crutches in the corner! and the little bursts of colour from the flowers scattered all around! ahhh so so perfect!
it has come to my attention that this is what i look like whenever this meal is placed in front of me. i literally just sit there grinning at it.
can you blame me though?
look at it! The ever so delicious veggie breakfast roll – with avo & feta mash, a fried egg, rocket & hollandaise sauce…oh man! i’m getting hungry just thinking about it!
Penny had a delicious scone & jam slider! how cute is it?!!
all the meals here are affordable & from the few i’ve tried, they’re also delicious (though i do keep having the veggie breakfast roll! it’s just too good!)
this is actually the hardest window to get a shot of – this was the best out of them all. the brightness meant the reflections were off the hook! sorry! haha

not wanting the deliciousness to end there, we decided to grab ourselves a couple of cupcakes from Southside Markets
unfortunately they didn’t taste as good as they looked…
actually, they were awful & after one tiny bite we both threw them out! such a waste & so so sad

we decided that the only way to get rid of the bad cupcake taste & cure our blues was to have even more food
naturally we went for chips with aioli dip
we also got some sparkling rose – the perfect companion to chips!
(haha probably not but it is delicious)
pretty roses that i wanted to take home with me

we had such a fun, food-filled day & i can’t believe those sunny days are already so far behind us! oh well – we’ll just have to wear more layers next time! πŸ˜‰

Queensland me time

My trip to Queensland was both completely wonderful & also totally necessary.
2013 has proven to be wonderful, extremely hectic & absolutely epic in both dizzying highs & hard to digest lows.
Sometimes processing all of the above takes time & that is exactly what I was lacking.
Quality me-time.

I went to Queensland with my only plan being to have no plans. No return flight. No scheduled meetings. No alarms. Nothing but time to relax & laze around enjoying the simple things.

I spent a lot of time with both my parents, which was wonderful. Last year I only made it up twice, so I’m planning on not making that same mistake this year!
It also meant I was able to catch up with my friend Krysta (who is also my hairdresser!), so I’m not sure if my hair has ever been this maintained in all my adult life! Hahaha
she did such a great job!
It’s also the shortest I’ve had my hair in years – if only it would look like this all the time! πŸ˜‰

I caught up with childhood friends, meet an adorable little bub, looked at vintage stores, ate a lot of Thai food, drank a lot of coffee (even more than usual!), watched the x-files (Toooooooooms!!) & Judge Judy (mums guilty pleasure! Haha), drank beer on a mountain & read an awesome trilogy by Jilliann Hoffmann! Oh – & I also got to spend Mother’s Day with my Mama which was so so wonderful

Here’s a few of my Instagram snaps from the past 10 days (or so!)
It really was the perfect way to unwind

Blurry San Jose

the rest of San Jose was quite blur
the premiere went off & the crowd absolutely loved it (even though they did start the screening while we were still on the red carpet! hah! talk about crazy)
there was a lot of drinking, not very much sleeping & a lot of film screenings – two of Sparks & a few of the midnight screenings we managed to catch (one was all about zombies! oh yeah!)
we did manage to take quite a lot of video footage, but that needs to be edited…a lot! haha
here’s the rest of our San Jose trip…

Chase, Marina & Ashley on the red carpet
Clint Howard…
…with the rest of the cast & crew up on stage

after the screening we headed over to a bar for the after party
where the drinking began
Floyd drove for hours to make it
Tyler & Max
we were at the club till close & (unfortunately) have video proof of it
(it may involve me swapping my heels for a pair of sneakers…oh man…)
such an incredibly fun night though

the morning after came quickly
look at my expression! hahaha (i couldn’t even drink my coffee)
take two
Clint Howard introducing the film
and the cast & crew up on stage for the Q&A
saying farewell to San Jose with a delicious flat white

thank you San Jose

farewell summer picnics

i’ve begun the (seemingly) never-ending task of uploading my holiday pictures onto flickr, & while i was there i stumbled across some pics i forgot to share!
this was from a beautifully sunny saturday in february, when my friend Deb & i decided to make the most of the good weather & spend the afternoon in the park

the first thing we noticed was this guy dressed as a dinosaur
lovely Deb with our (first! eep!) bottle of bubbly
we found ourselves a nice shady spot under a tree
and packed a tasty feast of farmers market goodies
and i laughed while Deb instagrammed
trying to find the perfect angle πŸ˜‰
…of blueberries in sparkling rose! delicious!
the feast continued until we could eat no more…
…& then this was the cosiest spot to be
under the lovely warm sun
(where it was far too easy to have a kip!)
farewell summer picnics
until next time…

…and we’re back…

two incredible weeks have passed in the blink of an eye
how is our trip over already?!
with good coffee, delicious food (hello in-and-out burger! omg!!), star-struck moments, red carpet events, amazing people, vintage dresses, twin peaks geekiness…
…& the most exciting surprise of all…
it was the most amazing holiday ever
(i’ll spill the beans soon! promise!)

Australia Day Outfit

outfit posts are not something i do with great ease.
i like being behind a camera (that’s usually where you will find me!), but with my vintage dress collection expanding (drastically!) i wanted to start documenting my outfits a little better. Enter from left stage Penny, who very kindly accepted the challenge of capturing me.
She actually spotted this dress while we were out op-shopping & the lovely bold print just screamed Australian Flora to me. it was only fitting to debut it on Australia Day
i’m wearing: vintage dress: thrifted / cardigan: witchery / leather bag: hand-me-down from Mama / shoes: sportsgirl / sunglasses: Ines de la Fressange
i hope you all had a wonderful weekend
(& thank you so much Penny ❀ )

Lamingtons & countdowns

Happy Australia Day folks!
I’ve spent the day searching (unsuccessfully!) for lamingtons without jam – apparently this is not the normal way they come?! (It’s also apparently very un-Australian for me not to know this! Whoops!)

My sadness was short-lived though, as we booked our flights to the USA!!!! Eeeeee
We leave in a month so the countdown begins now!

California here we come πŸ˜‰


Lazy Sunday


Mike heads off to the US next weekend, so we’ve been trying to find that balance between getting things done & relaxing & enjoying each others company.

Weekends for us involve coffee, walking & exploring the neighbourhood, catching up with friends & soaking up summer!
(oh – & purchasing beanies that make me look like a koala! As you do…!)

Wishing you all a happy weekend

lazy sunday evenings

a mexican feast, delicious wine, a toasty warm fire & great friends = the perfect end to a long week. (long live sunday evening gatherings i say!)
Scarlett & Penny
Romy & i
such a lovely setting for a lazy Sunday evening (& delicious wine to boot!)
food to share
& food for oneself