1940s glamour

i’ve found my dress for the film premiere ❤

i was sure i had my work cut out for me, considering 1940s dresses aren’t exactly the easiest thing to find, especially on a time constraint!
i almost just gave up, but a fateful pop into a vintage store on the way to visit a friend had my dress dilemmas sorted! my dress of choice was a gorgeous black crepe wiggle dress with a sweetheart neckline…(but i’ll share more about that a little later…)

below are a few gorgeous gowns that i came across while gathering dress inspiration on etsy.

this gorgeous black art deco dress from Rococo Vintage
this Jerry Gilden Rayon dress from Raleigh Vintage
this gorgeous peach coloured dream from Nod to Mod Vintage
and this stunning pink lace formal gown

so simple but so glamorous


Sparks & a shameless plug ;)

this is the reason behind our somewhat sudden trip to the USA

Sparks – the movie that Mike went over to the USA to help produce early last year – is having its world premiere at the 2013 Cinequest Film Festival!!!
Our good friend Chris is the man behind the movie & i’m so very proud (& excited & ecstatic!! eeee!!) to see how all of their hard work is finally paying off.
not to mention that i’m absolutely thrilled to be able to head over with Mike to see Sparks in all its glory!

As stated on the Cinequest Film Festival website:

With great power, comes greater villains.

Based on his own cult comic hit, Christopher Folino’s groundbreaking superhero noir thriller follows Ian Sparks (Chase Williamson, John Dies at the End), a young man destined to protect others from the grips of evil. He may not have the physical prowess of other Supers, but his lovable charm easily captures the heart of the beautiful Lady Heavenly (Ashley Bell, The Last Exorcism). Together they become the go-to heroes, but after a traumatizing encounter with the villainous Matanza (William Katt, Carrie), Sparks plunges into darkness. Overcome with defeat and self-doubt, will he find his way back to the light or betray all that he once stood for?

With a brilliant supporting cast, including Clancy Brown (Shawshank Redemption), Jake Busey (Starship Troopers), Clint Howard (Apollo 13), and Marina Squerciati (Gossip Girls), Sparks delivers action, twists, and excitement. – Sharon Gonzales

Sparks World Premiere is on Friday March 1st & there are additional screenings on Saturday March 2nd & Tuesday March 5th. if you’re in the San Jose area you should definitely come on over & check it out – tickets are available here.

with all of that being said, i’m now on a mission to find a 1940’s frock to wear for the premiere. as cheesy as it is, i’ve decided i want to match the era of the film (that & the fact that 1940’s gowns are just stunning!)
if anyone spots one, feel free to let me know 😉
and any tips on 1940’s hair & makeup would be most welcome! i’m about to you-tube up a storm to try & learn some new styles

Congratulations Mike, Chris & all the gang over at Sideshow Productions! i’m so proud of all of you & can’t wait to see you all next month to celebrate ❤