beautiful vintage that makes my heart skip a beat

i love vintage clothing.
beautiful dresses really do make my heart skip a beat, & while i have quite a large collection myself, the dresses over at Dear Golden really are a sight to behold.
they’re currently having a 25% off sale & as a result, i’m wishing i had an endless list of gala’s to go to (just one would be nice…!), not to mention & endless supply of money πŸ˜‰
here are some of my favourites that i wish i could make mine

this beautiful 1950’s silk orange party dress

i’m certain i need this gorgeous 1950s wedding dress
(i have a slight obsession with wedding dresses…it’s possible that i own at least 10…)
and while on the topic of wedding dresses…

please can this be mine??

this beautiful baby blue strapless number is just breathtaking

and this white & blue cupcake dress

and this incredible red tulle number

and while i’m here, how could i go past these 2 gorgeous princess coats

this black & rusty brown boucle coat

and i swear this black wool coat is what my dreams are made of!
look at both of those collars!! ahhh ❀

if you didn’t already know, i have a thing for the 1950s πŸ˜‰

i’ve been crushing on Dear Golden for such a long time, so i needed to share the love
if you’re after beautiful vintage, definitely pop over to their store & check them out.

(i’m not in any way affiliated with Dear Golden. i just love their dresses!)


the day i fell in love…with a car!

i found my dream car today…

it’s a Borgward Isabella

and it’s so beautiful!
i’m not a car gal at all…but this had me “oohing” and “ahhing” like these was no tomorrow!
let’s just forget that these cars were made in the 1950’s…& that the company went broke in the early 1960’s…

oh Borgward Isabella…won’t you be mine?