Sparks Red Carpet

the red carpet was hilarious.
and by hilarious i actually mean kind of terrifying! (in a good way of course)

there were people everywhere, along with crazy bright lights & more cameras then you could poke a stick at! it was really wild!
i’ve been on the press line before, taking pictures of people on the red carpet when i helped Mike out with Indie Film Nation, and even that was crazy – not to mention i was a little star struck (Joseph Gordon Levitt!!!!!), but this was a whole new strange level for me!
i did feel like my face was going to burst from smiling so much – but i figure that can’t be a bad thing!

some friends managed to snap some photos of us as we were shuffled down the press line so i thought i’d share a few
(even though this one is blurry, it really shows the madness that was the red carpet!)
it was really such a fun experience.
plus i managed to find a 1940s dress to fit in with the era of the film, so i ticked that one off my list!

i wore: vintage 1940’s dress from Shag / sportsgirl heels / vintage bag
mike wore: ted baker endurance suit / ted baker shirt



LA in a nutshell

our experience in LA was, in a nutshell, rushed.
i’m almost certain we spent half a day trying to find wedding rings downtown in the jewellery district! (we really did leave a lot of things last minute)

our days started off with two things – a delicious breakfast from EggSlut & a coffee from the Hart & the Hunter.
some days i needed a double caffeine hit – a takeaway latte and a piccolo!
the quiet courtyard at the Palihotel

Mike dropped me off at Jetrag Vintage & i very happily spent an hour browsing through all the incredible dresses. i actually only managed to get through 4 rows of dresses from the 50’s & 60’s – i could have spent all day in here! it’s a wonderland!
i tried on so many dresses (& bought the 2 on the right)
but i’m still wishing i got the one on the left here (even though it did have a tear in the seam) – look how perfect it was!

there was more coffee followed by more running around (& quite a bit of sitting around on LA freeways – pretty sure it’s always peak hour over there!)
america – i’ve gotta hand it to you…i’m liking your coffee! πŸ˜‰

for dinner we decided to head out to the Grove to give Gordon Ramsay’s new restaurant Fat Cow a try
i had a delicious beef pie, while poor Mike had to attempt to find his (very undercooked! eep!) steak under a mound of the funniest looking fries we had ever seen!

oh, did i mention we had more coffee?
and some of the tastiest food i’ve ever had
and of course more eggs

it all flew by so very quickly & before we knew it we were all packed & waiting to head to San Jose…

bright colours & giant fish = daily outfit post

Another day, another outfit photo (taken once again by Penny)…
and another vintage dress – naturally πŸ˜‰
this wall was just screaming to have photos taken in front of it, even if the giant koi mixed with my red dress made for a colour-assault on the eyes…how could we say no!
i’m slowly getting the knack of this posing business, but as you can see on the right, i’ve still got quite a way to go! haha (even funnier is that Penny only sent me the good photos! eeep)
i’m wearing – vintage sundress: thrifted / shoes: sportsgirl / necklace: Polli
have a wonderful week everyone
& thanks again Penny!

Australia Day Outfit

outfit posts are not something i do with great ease.
i like being behind a camera (that’s usually where you will find me!), but with my vintage dress collection expanding (drastically!) i wanted to start documenting my outfits a little better. Enter from left stage Penny, who very kindly accepted the challenge of capturing me.
She actually spotted this dress while we were out op-shopping & the lovely bold print just screamed Australian Flora to me. it was only fitting to debut it on Australia Day
i’m wearing: vintage dress: thrifted / cardigan: witchery / leather bag: hand-me-down from Mama / shoes: sportsgirl / sunglasses: Ines de la Fressange
i hope you all had a wonderful weekend
(& thank you so much Penny ❀ )

sunny sunny day (& an impromptu outfit photo shoot)

when Penny & i spotted this colourful wall we knew it needed to be documented.
i’d been rabbiting on about my favourite wall that i walk past everyday (& how i have always wanted to take outfit photos in front of it but never have…) so seeing this was a sign that crossing the road & attempting to pose was totally necessary!
how incredible is this wall? i’m almost certain that i’ll be wandering over here more often to snap some shots!
now this is just a few shots – we took far too many.
it seems that i’m not the most graceful person when it comes to posing for photos. i have some hysterical attempts at “looking casual”, but they’re almost a bit too embarrassing to share! πŸ˜‰

after a quick opshop we headed to a bar for some delicious fries & my favourite sparkling rose.
gosh this stuff makes me happy!
we were brainstorming business ideas & making big plans, so we’ll see what comes from it.
the future is bright friends πŸ™‚
(funnily enough, it was sunny & 27 degrees when we took these photos on thursday. now, saturday, it’s freezing cold, dark, stormy & i have the heater on two bars. two bars!! that means it was cold! brrr! also might explain the cold that seems to have appeared on the scene…)

ok – so outfit time
i’m wearing – a new (surprise surprise!)vintage dress that i bought on tuesday (i’d spotted it previously but this time it was half price! eeep!) / cardi from forever 21 (i think? super old) / vintage enamel flower from easy / melissa shoes / ines de la fressange sunnies
ahhh i just realised i don’t have any info about Penny’s outfit! ok – i shall add that as soon as i get the info off her! πŸ˜‰

it was such a wonderful afternoon & soaking up the suns rays really was spectacular! (even if they only lasted for a day haha) i can’t wait for spring ❀
have a happy weekend folks! i’m heading back to soak up the heat from our heater πŸ˜‰

snippets of spring

snippets of spring so far
(via instagram)

  1. breakfast snack
  2. farmers market outfit – new cape & gumboots
  3. delicious cheese platters
  4. work outfit – 1950’s shirt dress
  5. true words
  6. brunch date with Mikey ❀
  7. Β latte love
  8. happy spring me in a vintage sundress
  9. relaxing
  10. pretty gifts from friends
  11. ballet bun
  12. ballet date night
  13. ballet date night date ❀ so handsome ❀
  14. quilt for a little cutie-pie
  15. my two loves ❀

In true Melbourne style the weather has gone from gloriously sunny & warm, to freezing cold gale force winds & storms.
today it turned back into a beautiful day, but that winter chill is still in the air!
i sure love Melbourne though!

3 outfit photos

i’ve been feeling under the weather since my birthday (boo!) so apart from working, going through boxes of tissues like no tomorrow & somehow stumbling around in existence, i’m not really sure what i have been doing!
my phone decided to die & i had to pay $180 (on my birthday no less! seriously – don’t get me started!) to replace my faulty APPLE IPHONE! (<– yes apple! I’m mad at you for making me pay because you gave me a faulty product!! rantrantrant!!!)
so as a result i have only a handful of photos on my phone…a possible relief from the 4000+ that were living on there previously πŸ˜‰
these guys were still on there, so i thought i’d share a snippet of my outfits over the past few weeks…

this red, white & blue dress was a recent find that i just had to have. despite not trying it on upon purchasing it fits like a glove!
it is super sheer though, so there were many layers underneath, & my red cherry cardigan was a must have over the top.
the vintage enamel flower brooch was an etsy find i had forgotten about (whoops!) but it snagged my hair! and not even just a little catch, but an entire chunk of hair would become tangled in the petals! does anyone else have this problem, or is it just my unruly hair??

post birthday/day two of flu
clearly…i like my red cherry cardi! πŸ˜‰
i was pretty sulky about getting the flu on my birthday so i wore my new striped dress (a birthday gift from my Mama) with my red cardigan & me new MAC red lipstick.
red lipstick is a new thing for me – i had to wear it at all my dance performances while i was a child, so i’ve kind of avoided it…until now! i figured it would lift my spirits…but forgot that it would also match my poor sickly nose!
what you can’t see are all the layers on underneath this outfit! what you can see are the bright blue penelope durston woollen fingerless gloves (my saviours!) & the merino wool blue mesop scarf. hello wool. i love you ❀

extreme flu is here/that isn’t a coffee in my hand
what you have here is a cheray in full-flu-sickness.
my dress was another recent vintage find & it matched perfectly with this merino wool Viktoria & Woods cardi.
my (unwashed) hair is cleverly disguised in lovely crown braid (making it seem like i’ve put it loads of effort…which i have….) which had the girls at my local cafe telling me i looked like a member of the Von Trapp Family…they also asked me to dance for them…i declined…
i’m also not holding a coffee (shock horror!) but a lemon honey & ginger (known as an LHG) which i am maintaining a death grip on. i ask for it extra strong…in a burn “your throat from so much ginger” kind of way.
this is also the last photo i took of my Melissa shoes before tripping & snapping the bow!! 😦
super sadface occurring right about now.
(hopefully i’ll be able to superglue the bow back together…)

if you haven’t noticed, the flu makes me a little more silly than usual! i tend to ramble (a lot) more about things of little to no consequence! πŸ˜‰ as such, i will keep my blogging to a minimum until i’m a little more human πŸ˜‰
big love & stay warm

Farmers Market Outfit

farmers market 1
oh hai!
Saturday morning Mikey, pup & i headed to the farmers market so i could stock up on eggs & pretty daffodils! (no seriously – i’m slightly obsessed by these eggs! they’re soooo delicious!)
farmers market 4
we tried a few different angles but pup seemed intent on looking away from the camera…
farmers market 3
she also pulled me into this giant log a few times & almost smashed all the eggs i was attempting to hold. thankfully i was still a bit sleepy & all i did was laugh…as you can see this had no effect on her focus away from the camera!
farmers market 2
no matter how hard we tried, pup remained focused on not focusing on us…until…
farmers market 5
success! (though please ignore my face….!)

also, the only full body (non-blurry) shot we managed to snap was this one
market outfit
…which happens to be my least favourite out of them all!
oh well!
that’s what happens when you’re holding 4 dozen eggs & trying to control a hyper pup at the same time!

vintage floral pleated skirt – thrifted
black wrap around cardigan – Sportsgirl
Djeco cape – thrifted
vintage yellow headscarf – thrifted
Melissa Wanting II shoes – Lulu
Leather tote – gift
lovely daffodils & four dozen eggs – Farmers Market ❀

(pup is wearing her glow in the dark collar and her very old harness….she’s also distracted by everything!)