family time <3

it’s been almost 8 months since i’ve been interstate to visit my family!
8 months?!!
i don’t even know how that happened, but i’m having some serious family-time withdrawals right about now!
the last time i went up to visit was my brother & Annas farewell party (well, parties!) & it was an absolute whirlwind, but flicking through all my photos has me missing them all ten fold!
Grandpa taking in the view
Mel snapping a pic of Mike snapping a pic of Mel… (i’m almost certain that in every batch of my family photos there is at least one identical to this! haha)
my mama & i in clashing prints πŸ˜‰
my contribution to the farewell dinner was a giant lasagne (my aunties recipe)
it’s ridiculously tasty – definitely not your typical lasagne!
Nan & Anna-bananna
Richo, Nicole & Grandpa
the most amusing way i’ve ever seen to iron out a table cloth! πŸ˜‰ hahaha men!
my beautiful mama ❀
getting sprung texting (or instagraming – very likely instagram to be honest!)
some of our delicious feast
favourite kiddo ❀
with our adorable cousins
love them ❀

island adventuring

when i visited my folks last month, we set off one sunday for an afternoon of boating & island adventuring

the water was nice & still (thankfully!) so we decided to head over to a deserted little island for a spot of afternoon tea

i wore my new favourite vintage dress (& still managed to jump off the boat! huzzah! props to me!)

first things first, champagne on the beach ❀ yes thank you!

afternoon feasting – island style!

lovely Anna-bananna

i went for a wander & found a whole pile of uprooted trees. they were so eerie & clumped together…so i didn’t spend too long down there…

instead i chose to take photos if my feet! (as you do!) while i was taking said photos, i noticed a little red boat had started steering in our direction…& after our dismay at forgetting to pack dessert(say what?!), i recognised the streets ice-cream logo immediately! an ice cream boat?!!! i was so excited about the whole thing i raced back to tell everyone, & even raced into the water to get my money off the boat (not smart…though i now know my dress dries rather quickly!), all the while forgetting to take photos of the strange little ice cream boat! oh well! we got our dessert…

…the only proof that we had ice creams is the wrapper scrunched up in Richo’s hand! πŸ˜‰

brother + sister + disappearing sunlight due to scary looking clouds = this photo

with the sun disappearing two things occurred – it got a little chilly (obviously) & we were overcome by a swarm of midgies! pretty sure eaten alive would be the best way to describe what started to happen! we quickly packed up and it was back on the boat & homeward bound ❀

our trusty captain & first mate (? hahaha i have no idea)

the sun reappeared for a few moments so we soaked up the last of the rays & i used it as a perfect photo op!

it was such a relaxing afternoon spent with such lovely company ❀ thank you family folks!
love you loads