the last of the summer sunshine

a few weekends ago, before Melbourne became the obligatory winter wonderland, Penny & i headed out in the last of the summer sunshine on a little vintage shopping adventure. while we didn’t document any of that (what is wrong with us?!) we did make a stop at The St Kilda Dispensary – where i went a bit snap happy (to say the least!)

i’m in love with the decor here – clean lines, hints of vintage & a whole pile of medical equipment. it fits in perfectly with the fact that back in the day, the building itself was actually the St Kilda Medical Dispensary!!
the owner Kristy is just lovely & found all the pieces herself – i’m just a teeeeensy bit jealous of her incredible finds! πŸ˜‰
Penny got straight to instagraming
while my attempt at a selfie failed (still getting the hang of the manual setting on my camera!)
thankfully there’s always coffee to save the day
i love the cute little sugar jars – our souvenir spoon was London Bridge!
(did i ever mention that i have a souvenir spoon collection?? because i do…)
this here is my favourite cozy corner
look at those light globes! and the crutches in the corner! and the little bursts of colour from the flowers scattered all around! ahhh so so perfect!
it has come to my attention that this is what i look like whenever this meal is placed in front of me. i literally just sit there grinning at it.
can you blame me though?
look at it! The ever so delicious veggie breakfast roll – with avo & feta mash, a fried egg, rocket & hollandaise sauce…oh man! i’m getting hungry just thinking about it!
Penny had a delicious scone & jam slider! how cute is it?!!
all the meals here are affordable & from the few i’ve tried, they’re also delicious (though i do keep having the veggie breakfast roll! it’s just too good!)
this is actually the hardest window to get a shot of – this was the best out of them all. the brightness meant the reflections were off the hook! sorry! haha

not wanting the deliciousness to end there, we decided to grab ourselves a couple of cupcakes from Southside Markets
unfortunately they didn’t taste as good as they looked…
actually, they were awful & after one tiny bite we both threw them out! such a waste & so so sad

we decided that the only way to get rid of the bad cupcake taste & cure our blues was to have even more food
naturally we went for chips with aioli dip
we also got some sparkling rose – the perfect companion to chips!
(haha probably not but it is delicious)
pretty roses that i wanted to take home with me

we had such a fun, food-filled day & i can’t believe those sunny days are already so far behind us! oh well – we’ll just have to wear more layers next time! πŸ˜‰


lazy sunday evenings

a mexican feast, delicious wine, a toasty warm fire & great friends = the perfect end to a long week. (long live sunday evening gatherings i say!)
Scarlett & Penny
Romy & i
such a lovely setting for a lazy Sunday evening (& delicious wine to boot!)
food to share
& food for oneself

happy busy weekends

saturday included (but was not limited to)

  • takeaway coffees
  • farmers market meanderings
  • the possible purchase of four dozen eggs….
  • attempts at outfit photos with puppy in the park
  • beautiful beautiful daffodils
  • relaxing in the sun
  • first outfit change of the day
  • heading off to (early birthday) high tea celebrations with the ladies
  • eating so much i almost burst
  • evening bus rides after champagne
  • outfit change number two
  • succeeding in making espresso martinis
  • girls night in with many champagnes & much laughter
  • girls night out at our local bar
  • hilarity ensuing…

the above events were all captured on various cameras…
(like this one, stolen from Alex’s Facebook!)
once i track them all down (! hah!) i will happily share
now i’m off to the Film Festival with Mikey – we’ve got 3 films in a row, including On The Road! ahhh nerves-a-kimbo on that front! we’ll see how it goes…
hope you’re having a wonderful weekend